Regional Identity: "Around Icking"

Our school‘s catchment area (= das Einzugsgebiet unserer Schule)

(a year 11 project of 1E2/2020-22)

In year 11‘s curriculum one topic is called “regional identity”, which refers to how people feel connected to their region, for example whether Londoners or the Irish can identify with their local area‘s history, geography, people, traditions, religion, architecture or economy.

The pupils considered also their own regional identity and whether they have a feeling of belonging. Their reminiscences tell us a lot about our school’s catchment area, to which belong for instance Icking, Irschenhausen, Schäftlarn, Baierbrunn, Buchenhain, Starnberg, Berg, Eurasburg, Wolfratshausen and Waldram. 

Read on to find out more about the regional identity of some pupils of the Rainer-Maria-Rilke-Gymnasium.